Oh Parada, when will one be able to sip on a cool one and devour a Cuban sandwich? When will the waiting stop? Has anyone had one of those work weeks, where it’s only day two of the work week and it’s just not cutting it? Well, everyone has had one of those weeks and it seems like nothing can satisfy you. Well, that’s why Parada 22 is parked in the heart of the Haight, nestled beside Cha Cha Cha and is waiting for you to park it! The stoves are fired up, the chef is ready and the staff is ready to place in your order! Well, that’s why Parada can give you a little push and shove and suggest a little remedy for you! Here’s for starters; if it’s lunch you are attending, then maybe something quick for that one hour lunch break! So place all your bets in and bet on a Cubano Clasico, which comes with baby greens, for that healthy sidekick of the day and something cool to wet that whistle. Beer might not be on the agenda until after work hours, so just stick with your non-alcoholic beverages and focus on the crème de la crème….the Cubano sandwich. It’s the food you’re here for, right? If one wants more detailed info on the food, you have to keep coming back for more! Parada can’t unravel everything just yet; it just wouldn’t be a surprise!


Good morning, good day or good evening to you Parada 22 eaters! This weekend get geared up for Parada 22’s brunch launch! Did those ears hear it right, Parada is having brunch? Yes, it is true and not a hoax! Every Saturday and Sunday, the morning begins with drenched, mouth watering plates! And we aren’t talking about the plates that are oh so delicioso! But if you have finished your brunch delight, licking the plate after wards wouldn’t be an insult, but a complement to the chef! If something is so orgasmic, you have to lick the plate, then maybe asking for seconds wouldn’t be too shabby! So, since that brain is racking for images on those hot plates, what will be on the agenda this weekend? Well, for starters, buckle yourself into that first seat, grasp some kind of utensil to devour the goods and order the first thing that makes your eye pop! And if the whole menu makes those eyes pop, jaws drop, then order it all! So, to intrigue you all, there will be Chorizo and eggs, buttermilk pancakes, biscuits drenched in herb cream gravy, your symbolic San Francisco breakfast burrito, a dash here and a poof there and what appears? An omelet has arrived! And that’s not the whole itinerary! The menu options just keep going and going! If one decides to have friends tag along and brunch is not on someone’s agenda, no worries, the other non-brunch menu items will be in order! And don’t you worry vegetarians; we thought of you too! You can’t be left out in the cold, with no tummy to be filled! We have those veggie item treats, but you will just have to come in for yourself to see what you can store in that tummy!