September 2011

Once again, who has been spotted at Parada 22? Is Parada 22 going to be a new celeb trend hangout spot? If so, click click, flash, flash, get those cameras out and start clicking away! Guess who has snagged a seat at this spicy, Puerto Rican cuisine restaurant? None other than, Carlos Baltrain, for the San Francisco Giants! That’s right, did those ears that right, Carlos Baltrain? When is he making a special appearance next? On the field or off the field, at Parada 22? Who knows, but one thing that everyone knows or is bound to know, is 22’s devouring meats, spices, organic greens, bad habit plantains and so much more is waiting for those taste buds to explore! And if one doesn’t know where this diamond in the rough is, snatch up the compass and have it point right towards Haight Street!


Just because the San Francisco Giants season is basically up, doesn’t mean they have hung up their ball caps and hibernated for the Fall/Winter! Our admired SF Giants are making special appearances at Parada 22, while 22 heats things up for our ball players! So, grab a cap, a shirt, a scrap of paper or just plain old anything, for a chance to snag an autograph! Grab your sleeping bag, maybe even a tent and campout for a while, because one of those Giants is bound to walk through that door! And The Jolly Green Giant is not the giant, one might think of first! At least there is plenty of spicy food to keep that body warm, while one hibernated the premises, just waiting for a glimpse of what the Giants order! What do they order? What extras and sides do they want battered up for them? Well listen up stir crazy fans, who’s your favorite player and which one will be standing in front of you?