This San Francisco rain is literally driving San Francisco mad! No walks in the park, no strolls in Union Square, no walks on the beach…what is San Francisco to do? The only option for the rain is to make a dash for it and dine in! The rain isn’t leaving many options and shopping really isn’t on the agenda! Who wants to walk around from shop to shop, drenched in this chilling rain and carry those flooded shopping bags? The answer to most consumers is, not me! What about a table for two, a table for infinity or just a table for Uno? Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? Well, Parada is flaming up the kitchen for brunch at 9am! So waiting to leave the house for those early birds shouldn’t be a problem, if one is craving for something warm! Parada and Booglaoos have put their heads together and decided; why not offer the goods to San Francisco’s Haight area for a change. Sometimes traveling to the Mission isn’t on the agenda, since one might have left the Mission last night, for a couple of playful cocktails. And nothing is better after that cabin fever itch or that late rendezvous, than an early bird brunch and Mimosa! Scoot those slippers over to Parada and scoot onto the first seat available and order up! P.S. To all you late-nighters, we recommend something hearty, such as the Temple O’ Spuds, exactly what the doctor ordered!